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The Girl with a Pearl Earring , Johannes Vermeer. Oil on canvas, 1665, Mauritshuis Museum.

Celebrating 100 years of School Speech-Language Pathology: 1910-2010

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New Zealand

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“Dr. John M. Panagos peers into the policies and politics of providing speech therapy to students across the country. After noticing some rather disconcerting disparities between education and practice, he launched his blog with the hope of better promoting public awareness and understanding of children’s communication issues — not to mention what needs doing to improve their therapy.”


Dr. John M. Panagos, Editor


“Keepers of the Light: “Don’t needlessly place children in special education!”

Categories of Disability under IDEA 

“I love this blog! I just found it and will be back.

Keep up the good work.” Lisa

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Pathway Sunbelt, July, 2012

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“If you’re a school based therapist, or if you’re looking into it, then turn to this blog for some great insights into the politics and practices associated with school-based speech therapy.  Author, Dr. John M. Panagos, provides unique perspectives on important issues related to speech therapy in the education system.”



  • Kathy  On September 21, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    I am so grateful to find this resource for school-based SLPs. I will be returning often to help me maneuver through this incredible journey into my profession.

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