The careful reader of ASHA history should recognize an undercurrent of political activity dating all the way back to 1930 when the founders captured the field from education. It has been suggested that ASHA management maintains an accreditation cartel held against all competitors which might seek to impair it.

Again, Dr. Spahr was concerned competitors could take over licensing SLPs. “We should not make the mistake of believing that our professional services will be worth more in the market as a result of specialization.” There are strong indications that in 1994 encroachment was a threatening prospect. The academics were entrenched and had their own ideas about organization. Language had made major inroads in the academic programs and was capable of breaking away. Dissatisfied employers might start preparing SLPs. Audiology independence was a strong influence. Swallowing advocates pressured to be included in the core curriculum. Other new topics push to be included. A central aim of reorganization was protecting the ASHA non-profit.

Dr. Spahr retired in 2003 (Dec., 31) and passed the baton to Dr. . The two CEO’s at times working together advanced the Spahr position. During the period the ASHA legislative Council was dropped preventing membership review. From 1994 there have been 23 different presidents with oversight responsibilities. Meanwhile the accreditation body (ACC) operated apart from the direct supervision of the ASHA Board of Directors, claiming to be an autonomous unit. One almost sees a secretive method of operation to push through the Spahr agenda.…/ASHAs-Arlene-Pietranton-Named-Professional-Society- CEO-of-the-Year.htm

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