ASHA Paywall Policies and Issues

In the 1990s newspapers began to lose advertising to internet websites. Readers began to read news on the internet. With mixed results, newspapers put their content online and searched for ways of getting readers to pay for the content. Many online organizations have paywalls including the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. How do ASHA paywall policies affect access to information?


Thanks to Webopedia for this definition: “Paywalls are systems designed to monetize online and other digital information by preventing visitors from accessing web sites and similar content providers without having a paid subscription. Online news and sports web sites are the most frequent users of paywalls, with some sites implementing hard paywalls while others deploy soft paywalls.

Girl Scouts Marching on Main Street.

Girl Scouts Marching on Main Street.

A hard paywall’s content restrictions are much more stringent than a soft paywall, allowing either no access or minimal access to free content. A soft paywall, on the other hand, provides significant access to free content as a means of encouraging users to subscribe for access to premium content.”

We support open public access to all relevant materials.

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