ASHA Board of Directors Admits School Practice Oversight Inadequate

In its August, 2014 meeting, the Board of Directors voted to revise the 2013 decision for a committee to provide input on school issues and needs, and established a standing committee for the same purpose. The rationale was stated as follows:

“Because members have expressed concern regarding the constant flux of school-based practice—and with new issues and demands facing school-based practitioners as they operate, grow, and transform their professional practices, it was felt that such a board could be more responsive to the changing needs of school-based members. After thoughtful discussion, the Board voted to approve this resolution.”


But we add the problem is not liberal input. It is the Board’s incapacity to follow through and make changes. WE HAVE HAD THE DATA FOR YEARS!

Board members come and go, leaving the ASHA staff to implement passed resolutions. The ASHA staff has neither the capacity nor continuing authority to implement change.

And so long as the Board allows the CAA to stand alone by its own declarations, curriculum will be forever consigned to a continuing flurry of public relations moves carried out through sparkling education programs.

The Problems are Well Known

Here is an honest perspective from FB:

“Bari Ann – With the increasing paperwork, billing for reimbursement, non-speech job related responsibilities, and lack of professional regard from others, the contracting position is looking better and better.

Thank you!

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