ASHA Accreditation CAA Calls for Input

Kids stuff for school.

Kids stuff for school.

In June of 2014 ASHA released a call for CAA input:

Call for Comment: Standards for Accreditation

The Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) is seeking comment on its current Standards for Accreditation. Input received from the community will be reviewed carefully as the CAA considers changes to the standards for entry-level graduate education programs.”


A call for member ideas is a welcome turn of events. Let’s see how this information is processed? We hope it does not disappear into a black hole of poor feedback communication.

The CAA has a policy of “autonomy” and private decision-making insulated from the membership. In fact it claims to have no influence from “ASHA”:

“CAA is completely autonomous in accreditation decision-making, standards-setting, and policy issues – distinctly separate and without influence of ASHA or staff in these areas “

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