22. The ASHA Curriculum Process In Summary-d

3. Accreditation Component

The Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA) of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association establishes and revises the professional curriculum for undergraduate and graduate education at accredited U. S. colleges and universities. The curriculum contains “a core set of knowledge and skills” for “independent professional practice.” (Bylaws) Members “…promote the acquisition of new knowledge and skills for those within the discipline.” “Collaborating with all stakeholders for continuous quality improvement…” is an aim. The Council schedules meetings. “CAA has authority to determine how its members and committees are selected…” in its relationship with ASHA. “The CAA was established by ASHA and is authorized to function autonomously in setting and implementing standards and awarding accreditation.” Membership surveys have been conducted.

Along with member suggestions, the Scope of Practice Document is the input to the curriculum process. The output of the CAA curriculum process are lists of “standards.”

2014 Roster

The Council is composed of 26 members. There are 11 college faculty members; 5 clinical practitioners; one public member. There are four Ex Officios and BOD Liasons and five National Office Staff. There are several key members.

CAA Chair
CAA Vice-Chair for Speech-Language Pathology

CAA Vice-Chair for Audiology

Ex Officios and BOD Liasons

ASHA Director of Accreditation

ASHA Vice President for Academic Affairs in Audiology
(Board of Directors Liaison)

ASHA Vice President for Academic Affairs in Speech-Language Pathology
(Board of Directors Liaison)
ASHA Executive Director

National Office Staff

ASHA Associate Director for Accreditation Services

ASHA Accreditation Program Coordinator

ASHA Associate Director of Accreditation for Policy and Education

ASHA Associate Director of Accreditation for Research and Quality Management 

ASHA Manager of Accreditation Systems 


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