21. The ASHA Curriculum Process In Summary-c

2. Administrative Component

With accreditation activities, affiliations, fiduciary obligations, legal requirements and commitment to public disclosure, there must be accountability system to keep ASHA curriculum standards current. Yes, the Board of Directors, according to the bylaws, is responsible. It must ensure new knowledge and clinical applications are represented in modern college programs.

1. ASHA Board of Directors is broadly responsible for the ASHA curriculum for school practice. The Scope of Practice Document represents the output of public relations component. It is directly supervised and endorsed by the Board of Directors.

2. ASHA President is generally responsible for curriculum: “President, who shall serve as Chair of the Board of Directors and coordinate the functions of the Board of Directors.” (Bylaws)

3. Vice President for Speech-Language Practice: “…servicing as the Board liaison and facilitating Association activities designed to promote and enhance professional practices and service delivery in speech-language pathology.”

4. Vice President for Standards and Ethics in Speech-Language Pathology: “Initiating appropriate actions to ensure high-quality, culturally competent service delivery by speech-language pathologists.”


5. Vice President for Academic Affairs in Speech-Language Pathology: “Initiating appropriate recommendations for actions to advance undergraduate and graduate education in speech-language pathology;”

6. Chief Executive Officer: “The Chief Executive Officer shall supervise and have general charge of all operating functions and activities of the Association and shall be charged with carrying out the policies, programs, orders, and resolutions of the Board of Directors.”

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