19. The ASHA Curriculum Process In Summary-a

“We continue to explore how ASHA’s “curriculum process” works or is supposed to work to keep school practice up-to-date.”

A series of 18 posts bring the problem into focus. To explore the “process” the curriculum topic of collaboration has been employed in the manner of case study testing.

Window looking out.

Window looking out.

Collaboration enjoys a long modern history in ASHA as an important curriculum trend for school SLPs but ASHA standards trivialize collaboration training. Failure to actualized substantive collaboration training for American graduate students raises questions about ASHA authority, structure and leadership. Clearly the bylaws indicate the Board of Directors is responsible for this poor showing.

A tentative first theory to explain ASHA’s faulty curriculum process, namely, a poorly understood division between accreditation and public relations components, is sketched. Current talk of collaboration has been assigned to the public relations side to stimulate interest in continuing education programming. It is not directed toward the elaborate and well-funded accreditation committee. In various meetings of accreditation officials, collaboration is a non-topic. New certificate standards are coming to us in September of 2014, with no indication collaboration training has been upgraded.

Therefore the Board of Directors systematically promulgates a mixed message about collaboration, that it is a “HOT TOPIC” but not enough so to bring to preservice education.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” 1859, Abraham Lincoln.

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