15. “Knowledge” of Collaboration Ignored

Here we repost part of a prior appeal to significant reform in the preparation of school SLPs.

“The American Speech-Language Hearing Association is presently soliciting comments on its revised clinical certification standards. Presently it is not possible to generalize about SLP academic preservice preparation in America. But we can posit the obligatory background knowledge SLPs need in 2011. Accordingly, we are impressed with the opportunities graduates of the Brooklyn College (New York) have to take on-target coursework in special education supporting modern practice in schools. Every school speech-language pathologist should have the topical experiences described.

Educ 7672T Teaching in Least Restrictive Environments

30 hours plus conference; 3 credits

Strategies to integrate and support students with special needs in least

restrictive environments. System and organizational change theories and

strategies for developing models of inclusive education. Focus on curriculum

and collaborative processes with other professionals including co-teaching,

consultative, and itinerant models. Engagement of family members in

collaborative efforts. Students will implement a consultative/collaborative

project. Field experiences in a variety of school and community settings.

“Knowledge Ignored”

For the new 2014 ASHA has ignored the rich content on collaboration for inclusion in certification standards.


It has been over 20 years since ASHA itself published its own policy on collaboration, one showing it is a serious topic?

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