5. Who In ASHA is Responsible for Curriculum Development?

We have documented the  large gap between ASHA’s expectations for school practice and its capacity to prepare graduate students to meet those expectations. ASHA relies on continuing education programs to close the gap, or sheer SLP effort to compensate for what was never learned in school.  Who is responsible for the ASHA curriculum process?

The answer is simple. The Board of Directors. Of the 17 members, the President is the Chair and coordinates “… the functions of the Board of Directors..” Thus the president is on the line for keeping school speech-language curriculum up-to-date.

We use the word “curriculum” because it has universal meaning to all of us. SLPs in their graduate programs have courses containing content and practice requirements for skill development. ASHA is the accreditation and certification body responsible for the SLP curriculum. ASHA sets the standards for accreditation and certification. Curriculum is central to both.

“curriculum [kəˈrɪkjʊləm]
n pl -la [-lə], -lums

1. (Social Science / Education) a course of study in one subject at a school or college
2. (Social Science / Education) a list of all the courses of study offered by a school or college
3. any programme or plan of activities” Free Dictionary

We would expect ASHA to maintain an orderly and transparent process by which the SLP curriculum is kept up-to-date without burdening school SLPs with continuing education requirements.

ASHA Reorganization

In 2007 an ad hoc committee of important ASHA members made seven recommendations for the reorganization to create a single governance structure for improved efficiency. First the proposal...”Gives the responsibility for policy making and budget approval to the BOD.”


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