1. Does ASHA Have a Curriculum Process for School Issues?

After a great deal of survey work, we wonder whether the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has a curriculum development process for trending school topics.

Google Search

A google search for ASHA curriculum procedures turned up only 223,000 hits, and only two, it appears, are directly published by ASHA.  The one example was  Curriculum Resources – AmericanSpeechLanguage– Hearing (July 2013).

In the university and college programs, curriculum development is always key to keeping instruction modern and relevant to practice after graduation. But how ASHA launches curriculum proposes for pre-service modernization is vague at best. Many school issues have surfaced where SLPs must glean what they can from costly continuing education programs or hearsay.

Course ideas such as reading come up but nothing comes of them.

A clown on mainstreet.

A clown on mainstreet.

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