Special Education Over-identification News 2013

Teaching and Fighting Over-identification

Stevie Evans, a special education teacher in Oakland, California, gave an interview to NPR in which she pinpointed over-identification problems within the context of classroom teaching:

““My school now, it’s about 70 percent Latino, 30 percent African-American. But in my class it’s well over 90 percent African-American boys, so there’s an overrepresentation of black boys in special education. Who are the people putting them in special ed? The majority of teachers are white women. Just like myself.,” says Evans.

 “There’s something wrong with that,” Evans says. “It’s not that black boys are just prone to have learning disabilities or are dumber than other races. It’s like, that’s ludicrous. We’ve already proven that that’s not what it is. So what is it then? It’s something that institutionalized and so systematized that we people don’t even see it.”

Miss Evans says she enjoys teaching special needs children very much.

The article was written by Kristine Stolakis.


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