10. The Future of School Speech-Language Pathology

We need to know more about ASHA public relations with an eye  to supporting practice in schools.  What are the present target audiences?  How much money is spent on public relations for school SLPs?  Educators need to know what we do, including that we are not “speech therapists.”  They need to know we do more than pull out service and have the skills for collaboration with  teachers.  The message must go directly to education venues.  Much of the money spent on public relations now is aimed at members and not the general public.  There needs to be reports on what has been done and what outcomes have been achieved.

When one looks at the ASHA  website school practice is buried deeply in a mission which embeds school practice under “speech-language pathology.”  A lack of focus on school practice on the ASHA website buries the message.

The public image is years behind reality.  Even universities have moved on to refer to “communication disorders” in stead of all the various names for SLPs?  Why the disconnect between the educational institutions and the ASHA board of directors?

Our most popular post of interest shows how the image of speech-language pathology is fractured confusing the public mind to a greater degree:

School “Speech-Language Pathology” vs. “Speech Therapy”

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