School SLPs Fight Caseload Size! Why?

We have presented ample evidence that U. S. school SLP caseloads are large partly because of poor caseload management strategies.

National evidence indicates too many at-risk children are put into special education when school SLPs are chief evaluators in the process.  There is mis-evaluation allowing children to be placed in the wrong categories.  Mis-use of standardized tests is a factor.

National evidence indicates clearly that non-disabled children are placed in special education, particularly  black children.

The Kennedy family advocated for retarded citizens. This is Mrs. Kennedy. Her husband was President John Kennedy, and he too advocated for rights of children.

Special education and regular classroom teachers share in the responsibility of  special education over-identification.  Special education teachers also complain about having too many children.

We respect the public service of Linda Schrock Taylor:

 ”Recent news articles have discussed the possibility that two black holes might collide in a few million years. Although an interesting concept, this potential danger pales in the face of a real ‘black hole’ – that of SPECIAL EDUCATION. Every year, thousands of our children disappear into the vagueness of special placements, never to be released from the labels and stigma; never to escape and again be seen as ‘normal.’ Many teachers must notice this engulfing, this entrapment, of our children; some teachers must surely strive to defeat this grave and senseless closure on potential; but the problem is rarely mentioned or discussed.”

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