How One SLP Manages Caseload and Eligibility

We are fortunate to consider the experiences of one school SLP dealing with the eligibility process and its impact on caseload size

“The load for case management mushroomed as the autism eligibility encompassed more children. Communication disability is often the next eligibility to come into play with children who are not making progress. Often children come with a diagnosis from early childhood and are already SPED eligible. I am finding RTI is keeping children from switching to LD or other eligibilities and they remain on my caseload for case management until I dismiss from the CD eligibility. I get pressure to keep them because they are often receiving other services under the umbrella of the CD eligibility. Parents sometimes play a role in this, because they would rather have the CD label than MR or ED. It creates a caseload of kids where the eligibility is not a good representation and the SLP is doing the case management of some very high needs kids. That is one reason why SLP case loads seem high for CD eligibility.

I find I’m doing a better job identifying or not identifying children from ELL backgrounds because of better tests and ELL support people. I don’t feel I am over identifying but I do feel some have the wrong eligibility because of the reasons I stated.

Administrators do not understand the difference between case management and caseload numbers. They keep counting the numbers and assume every child is your typical CD artic kid. This his been a continuing problem and is coming to a head as they have cut back on SLPs and put us into more buildings according to the numbers. I can not address the needs of the children with autism and train their assistants when I am not in the building

Kids stuff for school.

on a daily basis. They believe we can go back to the 70s and serve large numbers but forget the requirements of IDEA that have been added and also don’t realize the high needs kids.
Administrators also do not understand what SLPAs can do.”

CJ Monty

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