8. SLP Eligibility Management: Communication

You will set your plan for the year with the realization you may not receive much support for ethically reducing your caseload size. One must take every formal and informal opportunity to explain to others.  Explanations should be honest and helpful in tone and content.

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“Jan, for my annual goals I think I’ll look at some caseload management techniques and look over the IDEA categories again to see how I am using them. I did SLI last year and I was able to fine-tune my eligibility recommendations.” (Director, email)

“Phil, I haven’t had courses recently and I was wondering if you have any material on special education over-identification. This year I want to go over my intake procedures.” (New special education teacher, in the hallway)

“Kate, how is that audit?  Do they ever question how many children we put in special education?  I know you deal with the numbers.” (Secretary on Friday afternoon)

“Mr. Martin, what do you hear about RTI? Is that something that can help us screen out children who would otherwise be put in special education? I’ve been doing some reading.” (Principal at inservice)

“Angela, do you think kids like Beth can be mainstreamed? I mean, I would be happy to help in the classroom with reading and that can help speech. I’m thinking not all the articulation children need pull-out.” (4th grade teacher, in lounge) 


Over a period of time a large number of truthful comments can lead to more details about reducing over-identification. Preparation helps when atypical IEP recommendations are made. Gradually, people get comfortable with the idea that you are interested in disproportionality. A few will follow your lead.

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