7. SLP Eligibility Management: Over-identification

To do caseload management you must understand the national issues of over-identification and / or disproportionality, Further, you must accept them into your personal life as important and true.  Understand mis-identification is a taboo subject.  Either it is not discussed at all, or it is obfuscated.  The common method of obfuscation is recognition of the problem every 10 years without serious follow-up.  It is the magical thinking approach to public policy debate — If we say it out loud, the problem is solved.


You can use this Famous Blog to read up on over-identification.  Try Greene and Forster, 2002 for background reading, or Essential Educator for more analytical work. Remember, whatever you hear the sun doesn’t rise.  

Or consider this quote from one of our Famous Posts:

“In 2007, Alexa PosnyDirector, U. S. Office of Special Education Programs, wrote a memo to state directors of special education on the topic of “Disproportionality of Racial and Ethnic Groups in Special Education.”  It reminded directors of the regulatory framework within which states must work to reduce the over-identification of non-disabled minority children for special education placement.  Posny summarized the problem:

“Excerpts from findings in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2004′s statute note that: (1) greater efforts are needed to prevent the intensification of problems connected with mislabeling minority children with disabilities; (2) African-American children are identified as having mental retardation and emotional disturbance at rates greater than their white counterparts; (3) more minority children continue to be served in special education than would be expected from the percentage of minority students in the general school population; (4) in the 1998-1999 school year, African-American children represented 14.8% of the population aged 6 through 21, yet comprised 20.2% of all children with disabilities served in our schools; and (5) studies have found that schools with predominately white students and teachers have placed disproportionately high numbers of their minority students into special education.” States Monitor School Disproportionality


If you read this blog, you are an automatic member of the FAPE TEAM.  Wear your t-shirt with pride! March around in your backyard carrying a sign.

Kids stuff for school.

You ability to understand and communicate the national issue of over-identification in schools will keep you on the Team.  You must understand the concept and ramifications.  You must be able to communicate them clearly and often.  This will put you on the right side of the law, justice and ethical practice.  ASHA says prevention is a worthy goal.  ASHA says you must protect the welfare of your clients.  You can do this protecting FAPE.

Tip: If you call a FAPE meeting in the lounge, not many people will show up.  For sure don’t call a meeting of the Compulsory Education Law Committee.



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