6. SLP Eligibility Management: First Points

One must plan ahead and evaluate later.  Here are some planning considerations.

1. Be positive, pleasant and helpful to all parties during the year.  Be your true professional self.


2. Put children first.  It is hard to do because you have been conditioned to put the school first. This brings conflict but you will grow from it.


3. Know the players. What roles are people playing in the system? How does the system reward them. What biases do they have?


4. Work with the director of special education.  Share your thoughts and plans. Test out ideas.  Bring out the issues slowly. Be sure not to do the director’s job. Stay on message.


5. Communicate. Once  your plan is set, communicate it at every opportunity. Your plan is  to manage your caseload with quality, compassion and success. Be a propagandist.


6. Find allies.  There are sympathetic people around in education who are positive and receptive to good ideas.  Avoid negative thinking people.  They are about 20% of school personnel.


7. Work with colleague SLPs.  The best result is year-long caseload management meetings and planning.  Not all SLPs are collaborative, however.


8. Develop a plan for the entire year.  Set goals and work toward your desired outcomes. Monitor the plan daily.


9. Accept tiny steps. The best way to see progress is reducing your caseload by one child who should not be in special education. One child on your caseload represents a lot of work. 


10. Be flexible. This will take you down scary roads but it is necessary.  Can you dismiss children who do not have perfect speech but who are being teased for leaving the room? Many SLPs are perfectionists.



“I ain’t got the time and if my daddy thinks I’m fine

He’s tried to make me go to rehab but I won’t go go go”



Amy Winehouse

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