9. Special Education Overidentification Causes: “Disproportionality”

A factor in the development of a Proper framework for understanding overidentification is confusion with the narrow topic of “disproportionality.”  Proper here means a system broadly organized enough to cover the critical factors contributing to the protracted problem of putting too many American school children in special education.  Research into disproportionality distorts the issues and invites the polemics of one hundred years of debate over racism.
In our prior posts we make clear overidentification and misevaluation are intertwined with failures in both general education and special education.  Reform requires a comprehensive understanding of how “struggling children” should be educated. 
One can see “disproportionality” is capturing the moment.   cf., 6. Special Education Overidentification Causes: More on Enforcement
“Special Education Overidentification Hits:”
2000:   15200
2004:   15600
2005:   14200
2006:   13000
2007:   12100
2008:   10500
2009:     8790
2010:     8754
“Special Education Disproportionality Hits:”
2000:  37000
2004:  41400 
2005:  49400
2006:  59500
2007:  73600
2008:  70700
2009:  64400
2010:  78900
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