25. Special Education Overidentification: Poor Children

IDEA 2004 strengthened requirements for LEAs to quickly transfer special education documents between schools, especially for migrant children.  Poor record keeping can lead to recurring misidentification.

Being poor does not necessarily predict school performance.  Poor Asian children statistically reportedly out-perform other ethnic groups, having higher graduation rates.

Poverty is a macro-variable which includes clusters of smaller factors:  Poverty — > neglected health problems –> otitis media — classroom hearing problems.

There is the braod sense poor children are more likely sent to special education.  Data are needed.

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  • justin  On April 10, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    As a child i was placed in special ed for reading, thing is i was reading before i started school thanks to my grandma. I was poor, and treated as if i was dumb by most teachers

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