16. Special Education Overidentification 2011: Developmental Delay

Developmental delay is an all-encompassing preschool dragnet for children who present a wide spectrum of biological, sensory-neural, linguistic and social symptoms suggesting disability.  Their conditions evolve and later at the school age where the general education curriculum is introduced to them and learning issues are pinpointed their special education placements are refined into one of several of the  IDEA 2004 categories.

Early intervention legislation is one of the peak accomplishments of Congressional action in education.  Yet it has its risks as to overidentification.  Two factors are primary:

1. Physician diagnosis.  It is positive the medical community helps identify from birth children who need educational support.  On the other hand these diagnoses can occur without sufficient educational input related to later school experiences.  The diagnoses have weight and tend to carry forward with less critical evaluation than is desirable.  Parents form early opinions about the need for special education when educational evaluations have yet to occur.

2. Structural levels:  A two-year old who is identified must transfer to school early intervention at age 3 and then later transfer to the general curriculum for elementary school.  Transition points can lead to miscommunication about the choice of special education categories, or whether none is required.

cf. Birth to 21

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