10. Special Education Overidentification 2011: SLI

SLPs evaluate speech and language behaviors as a basis for recommending SLI placement. “Unfortunately, non-native speakers of English, speakers of various dialects (whose language also varies within dialect), and bilingual or multilingual speakers are frequently classified as language delayed or disordered when, in fact, they are language different–although problems of underidentification also occur” (Medscape).

“Identification of speech and language impairments is further complicated by the fact that they often masquerade as other diagnostic conditions. For example, children with a diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may in fact have an underlying language disorder.”

SLI overlaps with SLD identification. “A significant portion of SLI pupils morph into SLD children. The underlying pathology for the two categories is the same, a genetically-based cognitive-linguistic processing disorder (Speech genes).” Language/processing problems are identified as articulation problems and this helps to mask LD problems (SSP).

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