Special Education Parents Advocate on 2011 School Budget Cuts

In this spring of 2011 schools across the U. S. are holding critical budget meetings to cut expenses, according to trends seen in widespread newspaper reports.  Parents are now advocating for retaining funds for special education, while special educators pose questions about sustaining IEP commitments. 

We reported on Rosa’s Law, just one example of how inspired parents promote the common good for at-risk children in American’s 100,000 schools.  It is a myth that parents are difficult to deal with for school administrators.  Thousands upon thousands of IEP meetings go smoothly every year with good cooperation between parents and educators.  Parent values play a pivotal role in keeping the civil rights balance.  When necessary, they DO stand up for the FAPE rights of their children. 

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The Girl with a Pearl Earring , Johannes Vermeer.

The overall process of special education eligibility, however, is out of balance when it comes to admitting non-disabled minority children.  The overidentification problem nationwide is influenced by parents who want the best for their children but do not realize the risks up front during the eligibility determination process.

Roll back time to 1940 and we all see without parent advocacy schools would not be engaged in educational theory and practice to come up with best practice to help “struggling children.”  Our knowledge of what we call “education” has been advanced by increasing the range of learning styles and capabilities in American classrooms.  Differential teaching methods are a result of efforts to teach diverse learners.

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