Rosa’s Law (S.2781) and Speech-Language Pathology

All Voices, Local to Global News,  reported on Oct 12, 2010, on the adoption of Rosa’s Law, a federal law changing  the public use of Mental Retardation “…to “intellectual disability” in all federal statutes.”  The Marcellino family did not agree to have their child labeled mentally retarded. 

Dinner in Paris

Brother Nick testified: ‘ “We’re not allowed to use the words at my house, it would be just like saying a curse word…. What you call my sister is how you will treat her. If you believe she’s ‘retarded’ it invites taunting, stigma. It invites bullying and it also invites the slammed doors of being treated with respect and dignity.”

We continue here to stress the point that at-risk children are affected by placements in special education.  Perhaps the risk of taunting is worth it for a child to advance to  grade level.  Maybe it is not worth it.

For SLPs it seems risk-free to place children in “artic therapy” because for SLPs it seems routine.

The overriding evidence is America is putting its “struggling children” in special education on equal terms to having them work  in the computer lab.  Just another place to send kids during school hours.

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