Education Reform and Speech-Language Pathology

Efforts to Reform No Child Left Behind are Moving Forward.  

We hope high school graduation becomes a key target, not paperwork compliance. 

We hope more innovation comes to keep at risk speech and language children ouf ot special education in the first place, letting them receive forward thinking response to intervention programs instead.

We hope speech-language pathologists think about how placing a child in special education can be a negative factor in whether he or she graduates from high school.

We hope school speech therapists work to increase the graduation rate of SLI children.

We hope professional organizations take the lead in preventing needless special education placements.  Think prevention!

We hope school speech pathologists make a true effort to screen out non-disabled minority children using their background in cultural difference.

We hope school SLPs make efforts to reduce their reliance on “pull out therapy” and consult to enhance children’s full educational experience.

We hope SLPs move forward on collaborative preschool programming designed to keep children out of special education.

We hope SLPs see the potential of cognitive models of intervention where generalization of learning can include reading targets.

We hope speech therapists in schools cut down on their heavy caseloads by exiting children from special education.

We hope university programs in communication disorders take the leadership in forming new curricula in cognitive, language  and reading prevention and intervention.  Educational speech pathology needs to come of age.

We hope the National Education Association takes the leadership in making RTI programs work for the speech and language impaired.

We hope school speech therapists apply the dual criteria of communication deficits versus educational impact in a spirited fashion.

Girl Scouts Marching on Main Street.

“So, do not underestimate the strength of this black hole, and the power of federal monies – education and Medicaid – to create and sustain the energy force that entraps and holds these children. Do notice how few honest steps are taken to bring about real reform – ones that would actually, and effectively, educate American children in general, and special education students, in particular. The most shocking and inexcusable aspect of the pretense, the mouth-service, given to “accountability,” is the dearth of professionals who actively attempt to get students OUT of Special Education. Few see any value in specifically structuring special education programs towards ‘repairing’ and releasing children; few feel any urge to commend an exiting child; few see the importance of choosing curriculum and methods that would prevent the need for such programs in the first place” (Linda Schrock Taylor).

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