15. “Struggling Children”

The Elementary and Secondary Education act is being studied for reauthorization. President Obama in 2010 released his blueprint for reform.  Graduation from high school is a key aim.  It falls on related service personnel and special education teachers to move beyond IEP goals to long-term success. 

The section on education of students with disabilities is a summary of main points.

“While the primary funding for programs specifically focused on supporting students with disabilities is through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the ESEA reauthorization proposal will increase support for the inclusion and improved outcomes of students with disabilities. The proposal will help ensure that teachers and leaders are better prepared to meet the needs of diverse learners, that assessments more accurately and appropriately measure the performance of students with disabilities, and that more districts and schools implement high- quality, state- and locally determined curricula and instructional supports that incorporate the principles of universal design for learning to meet all students’ needs.” 

Lion on top of cabinet

Inclusion is an old idea coming back into focus.  Some school administrators see it as a money saver.  Reformers see it as a way of cutting down on the overidentification of non-disabled minority children.  The arguements are not based on science but on opinions.

We support universal design of learning to move away from discrete population programming.


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