Why Special Education Teachers Don’t Exit?

 It is one thing to put non-disabled  ”struggling students” into special education.  It’s something else to keep them their indefinitely.

A school speech-language pathologist noticed special education teachers at the middle school never brought up the idea of exiting a child from special education.  The most obvious answer is they are not evaluators.  School psychologists dominate the business of recommending eligibility based on objective observations.  Special education teachers do the teaching and goal-improvement checks. 

There is a disconnect where this happens.  It is a systems problem.  Excluding three-year re-evaluations, when they are optionally carried out, school psychologists are not in the business of exiting children from special education unless it is in the context of the IEP team.

The special education teachers do not think it is their duty to evaluate to dismiss.  Systems problem.

This does not hold for speech-language pathologists who both teach and test.  There is a strong over-riding institutional bias toward keeping special education children in the system.  Money is mentioned as one reason.

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