1. RTI Success

The Morning Sun of Central Michigan reports on an RTI program in the Isabella County Schools. Anne Brown reports. The RTI method individualizes learning. The method centers around three tiers of instruction:

Tier 1: All students start here. Instruction is more traditional.

Tier 2: Students who need early assistance fit here. Various interventions are tried.

Tier 3: Students who have not made enough progress at Tier 2 fit here. They receive more intense interventions and might go into special education.

Teachers check on the progress regularly and keep as many pupils at Tier 1 as possible. There is an after-school program to check homework assignments.

Phyllis Hall, the principal of Shepherd Middle School, said they have had success. “Hall said four years ago, 17 students were held back. The following year there were 11, then four, and last year only one student had to repeat a grade.”

The RTI program helps reduce the placement and intensity of special education. “Special education students really should be, as much as possible, in the regular classroom. They need to keep up, they don’t just need to get separated. Many of them need to be around their peers for social interaction, said Hall.”

Not all Michigan schools are using RTI.


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