Let’s talk about practical techniques for reducing the SLP caseload by way of Strategic Eligibility Management – practical points.


First, make a list of what has to be done to dismiss a pupil from speech.

We say it is four times harder than determination. Not necessarily in time spent but in the number of criteria that have to be met. There are data forms for current levels of performance. Current goals must be closed out to a reasonable degree. Parents will need to be notified. The IEP team will need ample justification.

Second, make sure you understand the IDEA criterion of progress in the general curriculum.

There can be residual speech and language deficits that do not affect access to the general curriculum. Plan to exit these children. Identify SLPs in the community who can provide private therapy.

Third, some children can exit with intensive direct intervention to overcome stagnant goals.

Give goals attention early so you can exit children sooner. Exiting articulation problems is different from dropping service for an autistic child whose symptoms include pragmatic deficits. A pragmatic deficit might not affect participation in classroom lessons, or it might just be a symptom of the disorder.

Fourth, communicate freely about exit pupils.

Notify the office if the exit procedures require additional paperwork. Communicate with teachers and parents. In sending home quarterly progress reports, mention an exit is planned soon because of good progress. Pupils should “graduate” from special education positively.

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