School Speech-Language Pathology Exits of SLI Children

What keeps SLPs from exiting more children in a timely fashion?

We all go to our closets in the morning to get ready.  For many, we hate to look for something to wear.  Everything is crushed into the small space.  We swear we are going to clean out that closet.  It’s insane to fight it every day!

We try. But we just don’t know where to start.  When we start to clean out things, we have excuses.  Like “I have never worn it!  That was a gift.  That’s my favorite. I don’t have a matching piece without it.  I will wear it when I drop a few pounds.  That was expensive.”

There is a psychological barrier to letting go. 

Lion on top of cabinet, moved to Paris, Place Herbert

Exiting SLI children is similar.  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with single step.”  Odds are there are too many non-disabled children in the typical caseload.  Pick one child and start.  Listen to all the excuses.  “He’s still working on the vocalic /r/.”  “His mother wants him in.”  “I only see him once a month.”  “His IEP is not up for another six months.”  “He’s such a sweetheart.”

Ethics of course.  But get it done!

Once we can do one, we can “let go.” 

We can see the larger picture of special education stigmatization.  We can accept “good enough” for his general education. 

When we can let go of one child, we can let go of many, and end up saying, “Why didn’t I do that years ago!”

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